In the next year, Oundle for Organists will become a year-round educational resource benefitting organists throughout the UK, and beyond. 
Phase 1 sees our course students given access to exclusive features through our new website. Students attending any of courses in 2014 (POTS, Summer School, or Advance) will have access to these features through a username and password. These will include:

a) a regular web chat (Q and A sessions) with some of the UK's top organists. Perhaps you are confused about something you heard on one of our courses? Ask us about it!

b) virtual ‘Organ 'lessons’ on specific pieces. Do you need help with some fingering for that tricky passage in one of your Associated Board or University trials pieces? Look no further...

c) a monthly newsletter, offering tips, inspiration, and ideas for learning and practising.

d) other documents available for download on educational topics such as repertoire suggestions, keyboard skills help, planning a recital programme, how to get used to an unfamiliar organ. The possibilities are endless...

 We will continue to upload content and improve the site over the course of the coming months. Send us your feedback about what you'd like to see included.