Oundle for Organists announces the creation of its new Mentoring Programme. This new programme will allow us to further our aim of providing help and support to students all year round, not just on our courses.

Students who attend any OfO course will now be eligible to be awarded educational experiences with a mentor, much in the same way that we currently award recitals. These experiences could take the form of observing a cathedral organist at work for a day, observing a continuo player in rehearsal, observing a well-known organ teacher – the possibilities are endless. We know that many organ teachers currently offer these opportunities to their students, but we’re also of the opinion that you can’t ever have too much of these sorts of experiences! We’re currently gathering pledges from well-known professionals, and selected students on our 2015 courses will be awarded experiences (much in the same way that we currently award recitals) at the conclusion of the courses they attend. While OfO will still award recitals to our course students, we feel that it’s important to acknowledge that our students are not yet professional musicians, and that educational experiences and the chance to watch and meet professionals, be inspired by them, form contacts, and ask questions, are at least as important – if not more important – at this stage in many of our students’ lives than performance opportunities. Mentoring experiences on offer will be posted on the ‘OfO Mentoring Initiative’ portion of our website as they come in, beginning in the new year.